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The Design Process Begins once I receive your deposit. You will not receive open booking dates until your deposit is received. 

This deposit Will go toward the total cost of your tattoo.

Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Even in the case of a medical emergency. It is unfortunate when this happens and I feel for my clients. Remember that when a cancelation occurs for any reason, I also lose out on a few hundred dollars or even a full days work. Consider the loss of your deposit a 50/50 loss on both our parts.

After the second cancellation or no-show, you will not be able to re-schedule an appointment.


Your hourly rate starts once you walk in the door.
This Includes tattoo Stencil Preparation and client breaks. If I need a personal break for lunch, etc. you will not be charged. 
If you are late to an appointment, you will be charged starting at the appointment time scheduled.

$700 PER DAY (6 HOURS)

Realistic sleeves often take months to complete and can be quite expensive. For this reason, I offer my clients a daily rate of $600 so you can save $200 per session / $116 per hour. This allows you for 6 hours of studio time (including all client breaks and stencil preparation, etc.).


Your $200 deposit goes toward your tattoo session. Once you show you up for the session, another $100 Payment is required at minimum. You are able to get 2 smaller tattoos and/or bring a friend for two small tattoos. You may use the hour as you see fit.


Occasionally, I will assign a custom price for a particular piece. This can be above or below my normal rate. Certain pieces may take more or less skill, time, or energy. The level of difficulty as well as client loyalty can alter the price of a tattoo. This will, however, be clearly communicated to the client before we start the tattoo process.


Mastercard/Visa (Tax / Service fee)
Venmo @ SailiaTattoo


If you haven't gotten a hyper-realistic tattoo before, you may be surprised at how long your session(s) take. A realistic tattoo requires layering.  Contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the time-frame of your session.

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