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Client Information

What To Do Prior to Your Session

Session Preparation

What  to do  prior to your session

Session Preparation
  • Moisturize a few days before your session. Make sure your lotion does not contain any alcohol in it. 

  • Eat before you arrive. We do not take long breaks. Bring snacks and water. 

  • Drink plenty of water prior to your session. 

  • Wear clothing that makes the area we are tattooing easily accessible. Whatever ink gets on your clothes will stain, so wear clothing you don't mind getting ink on. 

  • Take the entire day off. I do not recommend making plans to leave at a certain time on the day of your session. Skin sensitivity, difficulty placing the stencil, and several other factors can slow down session progress. It is important that both I, as the artist, and you, as the client, do not feel stressed or rushed.

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What not to do  prior to your session

  • Do not use any lotion or numbing cream 24 hours prior to your session 

  • Do not shave. I will shave you before our session. 

  • Do not consume Alcohol. This will dilute the blood and make your session longer unnecessarily. 

  • Do not do drugs. This can cause hyper-sensitivity and cause you more pain. 

  • Do not bring any pets or children with you. 


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 I will give you the address once you pay a deposit and book a session with me. 

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I Charge $100 Per Hour | There is Minimum of $200 per tattoo session | $100 Non-Refundable Deposit is Due at the Time of Booking 

There is no way for me tell you what your tattoo will cost, but I can give you an estimation based on the design, area of the body, and the size of the tattoo. All of these factors determine the level of difficulty, detail and time it will take- and therefore the price of the tattoo. If you have a budget in mind, let me know. This way, I can design the tattoo based on your budget. 


Do not expect a realistic tattoo to cost less than $650., which is about 6.5 hours. If you find an artist who will do a realistic tattoo for less than this price, in my opinion, it will not be of great quality. Realism takes time and patience due to the layering of ink, the sensitivity of the skin, and the detail of the work.

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Realism/Semi-Realism is a completely different process than other tattoo styles and the experience is not the same.

There are many factors involved in Realism that are not an issue when getting a more traditional styled tattoo. For example, as a Realistic Tattoo Artist, I have to lightly layer the ink on the skin as to not make it too sensitive or too red. The patience I have in doing this allows me to work without the skin getting irritated. By avoiding the redness, it allows me to actually see lighter shades being applied... therefore getting more accurate and realistic results. 

My point is this: 

  • It will take patience and time to layer and brush in the ink rather than "packing" it the way a traditional artist does. This is what makes a tattoo look realistic and allows for detail and accurate shading. 

  • We will need to take several breaks to allow the skin to cool down (become less red) during the process 

  • Most Tattoos will need at least a second session once the tattoo is fully healed. This allows me to see how the tattoo has healed and apply any corrections, highlights, and another layer of depth to the tattoo. 

Cancellation Policy


Unfortunately, your deposit is nonrefundable.

Unfortunately your deposit is non-refundable If you do not show or are more than 1 hour late to your appointment. This policy is in place because many people are on a waiting list and if you are more than an hour late, I could potentially call another client who is waiting for a slot. 

Payment Options


Venmo | Mastercard | Visa | Zelle | Cashap 

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